Guest Information

We are excited to welcome you as a guest to Talbot Country Club! Below is some useful information to help you enjoy your time with us!

Guest Policy

Talbot Country Club is a private establishment and all guests must be accompanied by a member or attending a special event hosted at the Club such as a wedding, fundraiser, business meeting, etc.

Dress Code

Talbot Country Club adheres to a relaxed, but conservative dress code. Tasteful and appropriate attire is expected at all times.

Guide for Dress in Respective Areas
  • River and Canterbury Rooms: Country Club Attire
  • Golf Course and Practice Facilities: Golf Attire
  • Pro Shop and Locker Room Area: Relaxed Attire
  • Grille Room: Relaxed Attire
  • Screened Porch & Lower Terrace Fire Pit Area: Relaxed Attire
  • Pool and Tennis Area: Relaxed Attire
Country Club Attire

Gentlemen: Collared shirts and sweaters with slacks, dress trousers or Bermuda shorts with closed toe shoes. Jackets are recommended.
Ladies: Shirts, blouses, sweaters, skirts, dress shorts, slacks and dresses with coordinated footwear.

Golf Attire

All persons using the Golf Course facilities must wear suitable golf attire and footwear. No “gym” attire is permitted on the course or practice facilities. Soft spike golf shoes or acceptable athletic shoes must be worn on the golf course.

Gentlemen: Collared golf shirts or mock neck golf shirts with slacks or golf shorts. Cargo shorts and t-shirts are not permitted.

Ladies: Collared or collarless golf shirts with slacks, golf shorts, skorts or golf skirts. Tank tops and belly shirts are not permitted.

Relaxed Attire

Gentlemen, Ladies and Children: Relaxed Attire includes appropriate golf and tennis attire.

Denim clothing may be worn at the following times in the following locations:

  • All Day Friday and Saturdays until 3:00 p.m. in the Grille Room, Screened Porch and Lower Terrace Fire Pit Area.
  • Anytime at the Pool/Snack Bar Area

Appropriate denim clothing is defined as solid color, without excessive fading or tears, fraying, holes or patches. Men wearing denim pants are expected to wear a belt and collared shirt; however, work jackets, work boots, T-shirts or sweatshirts (unless worn with a collared shirt) are not permitted. Under no circumstance is denim of any kind allowed on the golf course, practice areas, or tennis courts.

Additional Notes

Sport hats, caps and visors are not permitted to be worn by men in the Clubhouse with the exception of the Pro Shop level. Shoes are required at all times in the Clubhouse. Swimming attire is not permitted in the Clubhouse.

Inappropriate Attire

Attire considered NOT appropriate for any area of the Talbot Country Club: men’s tank tops, cut-off shorts, pajama pants, overalls, cargo shorts or pants and ripped, torn, bejeweled or excessively faded denim of any kind.

Cell Phones

While in the Clubhouse, Practice Areas or on the Golf Course, all cell phones must be on vibrate or silent. Conversations may only be conducted outside of the Clubhouse, away from the driving range, and only for emergencies on the Golf Course.


Smoking is prohibited in the Clubhouse and on the front porch at all times, and on the deck during dining hours.
Smoking is permitted on the outdoor patio/lower terrace.

Cash & Credit Cards

Talbot Country Club does not accept cash or credit cards unless specific arrangements have been made in advance by an event’s host.